Zorthian Ranch Tours

Thank you for your interest in touring the Zorthian Ranch! This tour will cover the history of the property, whats going on now, along with a few stories and an opportunity to see the place for yourself πŸ™‚

Upcoming tours: August 7th at 10 am and August 21st at 6 pm (Use these links to sign up)

If you are interested in a tour for a film shoot or other event please contact us at (626)797-3359 or (575)770-5155 (location & film)

You can also visit the property by booking a stay at one of our beautiful and historic Airbnbs:


1. Where to meet

The Tours usually start at 10am on the lower ranch property at 3696 N Fair Oaks Ave. It’s about a 25 minute drive from Downtown Los Angeles. There is a large dirt parking lot where you may park your car towards the gated entrance. Your tour guide will meet you here!

Zorthian Ranch Tour Entrance: 3696 Fair Oaks Ave. Take a right and park on the dirt. DO NOT PARK IN SUMMERKIDS PARKING LOT

2. Terrain & Boot Scuffin' Wear

The Ranch is a large terraineous property involving mostly dirt paths and some staircases. Unfortunately, the ranch is not the most disability friendly place. We are working towards making it more accessible but for now, anyone using a walker or wheelchair some areas will be inaccessible.

The ranch is mostly dirt pathways, which means during hot summers there is a lot of dust and during the wet season there is mud! Consider this when getting dressed! Sunscreen, hats, water bottles are also nice things to have handy πŸ™‚ Length of the tour is typically an hour and a half. Sometimes longer! The tour is mostly walking and standing so something to consider when dressing!

3. Animals

There are plenty of animals on the property! If you are planning on bringing your dog, you must let us know in advance.

The animals also like to say hi to people! If you have any kitchen scraps/ food waste you would like to bring up our pigs will consume just about anything. There are chickens, horses, goats, and some cows to say hello to, too. These animals have more sensitive digestive systems so we ask you not to feed them.

4. Donations

We ask for a donation of $20 per person for the tour (kids 12 and under free) to further efforts to make the ranch accessible.