Pig Trouble

Jirayr Zorthian was always getting injured in one way or another.   He seemed to have no regard what so ever for his personal safety.  He took risks.

A large male boar was kept in the pig pen which probably weighed 5 or 600 pounds.     Jirayr had a routine he would perform for his visitors as he was showing them around and they went by the pig pen.   Jirayr would descend into the pig pen, leap onto the back of the large boar, the boar would run around until Jirayr fell off or was able to stay on.    Jirayr would face his much impressed visitors and bow while raising his arm in victory over the beast.

A crowd of art students came up one day to tour the ranch and Jirayr, while showing them around, went into the pig pen to ride the boar.  The ride went as planned and upon it’s conclusion, Jirayr stood and faced the students and as usual raised his arm in victory to a thunderous ovation.     

It is important to mention, at this point, there was a problem in this ongoing series of events, that Jirayr had failed to account for.    While the event was great for Jirayr ( he got lots of applause and attention from pretty girls) the boar did not enjoy this assault upon his dignity as he was being humiliated in front of his fellow pigs, over whom he usually held compete domination.       
In order to raise his arm and bow, Jirayr turned his back on the boar.   The boar, having had enough of this, decided it was time to teach Jirayr a lesson,  lunged forward and tore into Jirayr’s upraised arm with his large tusks.    I am not sure how Jirayr was able to free himself from the Boar’s grasp as I did not witness the actual event but I did notice my father rushing up to the parking area holding a significant piece of tissue that had separated from his arm so that it would not fall on to the ground.     “I have to go to the hospital immediately!”  he said.

My mother drove him to the hospital.    He was asked by the staff what had caused his injury and he told them he had been attacked by a boar.     He had a hard time convincing them that this was actually the case because they didn’t think there were boars in Altadena.

They sewed him up and he had another story.


One day, things didn’t go as planned.