As the Zorthian family is not actively selling the artwork of Jirayr Zorthian, we have decided to make available high quality reproductions of some of his outstanding work; otherwise known as Giclée's prints (pronounced Zhee-clay).

We have the three prints below on-hand and ready to ship out.

We offer safe & secure online payment for the prints via Paypal.

If you wish to pick up the print in person at the Zorthian Ranch, please contact us

"Cortez in Mexico" - 1948 - 13¾"x18"  
Print size including white boarder - 18"x22"

$205 + S&H

"Death of a Missionary" - 1940's - 11½"x11¾"

$105 + S&H

[Erotic Art - Click Here to View "Interracial Couple"]

"Interracial Couple" - 1940's - 11"x 13½"

$105 + S&H