The ZORTHIAN RANCH is a unique and versatle location for Film and Photography!

The Zorthian Ranch

The Zorthian ranch has been used for Fashion Shoots, Events and Movie Locations for over 20 years. This unique location can be your next destination for your project or event.

We are close…conveniently located 15 miles from Downtown Los Angeles in Altadena California. It’s a beautiful location with 45 acres of mountains, forest, and ranch. Distinctive architecture, vintage vehicles, animals, agriculture, and a diverse landscape equals unlimited potential for any backdrop you may need!

Alan Zorthian - Estate Administrator

Alan Zorthian

Son of Jirayr and Dabney Zorthian, Alan grew up on Zorthian Ranch before leaving to study Architecture. Alan stays busy running operations at Zorthian Ranch as well as maintaining a private architecture practice (commercial and residential). 

Caroline Zorthian - Operations, Events and Planning

Caroline Zorthian

Oldest daughter of Alan, Caroline moved up to the ranch in 2014. She helps run operations at Zorthian Ranch and gives frequent tours of the ranch.  She enjoys creating spaces and is inspired by the rich history and legacy of Zorthian Ranch.

Julia Zorthian - Rental Manager, Operations, Events, Planning

Julia Zorthian

Youngest daughter of Alan, Julia is a versatile ceramicist, community organizer, and resident of the Zorthian Ranch. She manages the ranch’s Airbnb as well as operations and meetings. You can find some of her beauitful work for sale at the Zorthian Ranch gift shop.

Brian Carlson

Ranch foreman and long time assistant of Jirayr Zorthian, Brian Carlson has personally made a lot of the architecture and sculptures around the ranch.

Julia Zorthian - Rental Manager, Operations, Events, Planning

Phillip De-Avila Molina

Power house of the ranch and resident blacksmith, Phil has been an essential and incomparable part of the ranch since his arrival.

David Apodaca

Expert in all things plant, Apo has been a friend and component of the ranch for years.

Max Josephson

Max Josephson is part of Zorthian Ranch’s tech support team. He also leads regular mindfulness meditations here, and programs apps – meditation, psychology, interactive art. Follow us on instagram to come to one of his free guided meditations.

Chris Martinez

Eliza Koch

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