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Planting seeds bear many fruit.

A few updates from us to you.
You might want to sit down for this.
We are pleased to announce our partnership with Pasadena Non-Profit, Light Bringer Project! Which means, Yes! You can now make a  tax deductible donation.
Light Bringer Project is a nonprofit, Pasadena-based arts organization founded in 1990 by residents who were exploring the historic contributions that artists, architects and craftsmen made to the local environment. Inspired by these achievements, its founders imagined ways to bring more of today’s artists and their creative resources into the mainstream of community life. Today, the organization is widely known for its arts and educational programs provided to underserved youth in the greater Pasadena and Los Angeles area Jirayr Zorthian and the Zorthian Ranch had a long standing relationship with Light Bringer by participating in the annual DooDah parade, hosting DooDah tryouts at the ranch and artistically infusing and supporting the organization. We are so grateful for our partnership with Light Bringer Project and especially excited because this is a huge step for us in beginning the process of becoming a non profit and receiving funding from grants for the cultural events and work we do.
Which means Yes. You can now officially donate to the Zorthian Ranch (AND receive a “March of the Animals” bumper sticker when you make a donation of $20 or more as a thank you!)
Donate here:
1. Hoop House Garden (Upper Property)
2. Cleaning!
3. Echo’s Bounty
4. The Lab
5. Education and Practice
We have a variety of folk with a variety of skills working on the property. From gardening to forging to theatre to painting.. Ultimately we would like to offer classes in all the different areas of creative expression but for now we have two classes we offer that happen weekly.
1. Figure Drawing in the Barn  Sundays, 4pm-6pm
Figure Drawing in the Barn led by classicly trained artist Ireland Wisdom, is an opportunity for people of all skill levels to try their hand at visually translating the human figure. Sometimes other mediums such as reading or music are combined with these sessions too.
Suggested Donation of $7-$10 per person.
Location Barn on the Lower Property 3696 Fair Oaks Ave. Altadena, CA
For map or more details, message
2. Placemaking and Permaculture at The Lab Permaculture classes with a rotation of focuses between Wednesdays, 4pm-5pm, Free of charge Lower Property 3696 N Fair Oaks Altadena, CA