Endings and Beginnings

A year of seed hatchings and new friends!

Thank you all for your support this year in all the many ways it comes: the letters of support, the volunteer days, donations, attending our community events…
We are grateful for a year of bountiful growth
And looking forward to even more!
Lots of fun things planned for 2020!
Last month we received our very first donation which was a pivotal and exciting moment for us. Special thanks to those who donated, we very much appreciate it! If you would like to donate click here and receive a a bumper sticker as a thank you!

Since Jirayr’s passing, things at the ranch have not always been easy. This year was filled with so much growth, positivity, community spirit and connection.
We are grateful for it all.

If you are interested in being involved in the new year, send us a message with a little bit about what you do or what you’re interested in and we would love to incorporate you!

Be Love and Do Good Work