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VISIONS of AMERICA – THE MURAL ART of JIRAYR ZORTHIAN (1936-45). A free exhibit of Jirayr Zorthian’s mural art at the Zorthian Ranch on October 15, 16, 22, 23. Click here for more information
Guided tours of the Zorthian Ranch will resume in the Fall.


Will be shooting there again...We shot most of our outdoor backdrop scenes for Aquarius (TV Series 2015 - 2016) at the Zorthian Ranch.
Jonas Pate
Producer | Director | Writer
Aquarius (2015- )

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Jirayr Zorthian was born in Turkish Armenia in 1911. As such, he was fortuitously positioned to experience the Armenian Genocide, which followed soon after. He and his immediate family, although psychically scarred, miraculously survived the experience. They immigrated to New Haven, Connecticut. Jirayr eventually settled in Southern California with his 1st wife, Betty and they purchased the property that is now known as Zorthian Ranch. Later he and his second wife Dabney started a summer camp… [Learn More]